The CPA Central Archives — The Founding Era

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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As a countdown to our five year anniversary, which will come on July 28th of this year, the administrative team will address one of CPAC’s four major eras each month. April’s era is the beginning of CPA Central, The Founding Era.

The Founding Era

July 2009 – June 2010

Typos and all, the above post was the beginning of Club Penguin Army Central. Out of armies like the Nachos and the Roman Fire Warriors came the people who would start CPA Central. Names like Woton, Puckley, Kj Bulldogs, Amitc87, and Pringle64 were the builders of this site. While, for the record, CP Army Central was not the very first army news site as it is sometimes called, it was the first sustained and successful — and of course, longest lasting — army news site to date.

CPA Central, in the beginning, was very simple. Hence the “I’m getting a new dog today!” to your right, the site was not too much for professionalism, and was extremely relaxed. What many of you may not know is that CPA Central was not the first site to make or popularize the idea of ranking the top armies — in fact, for some of the early weeks of CPA Central’s creation, the site was not the go-to spot for those rankings.

The ACP site, popular as it was during that time, commonly ranked the top armies under Boomer20. When Boomer stopped the rankings, this site’s column, CPA Weekly, became the go-to source for those rankings. The first ever CPA Central Top Ten ranked the Nachos as 1st, with ACP, the Ice Warriors, Fire Warriors, and Watex Warriors forming the rest of the Top Five.

CPA Weekly was not just a Top Ten, mind you — it was also things like the Army of the Week, or Woton’s thoughts on a certain event; his favorite song from the week, even. Some of CPAC’s earliest projects were the Armies and Leaders pages, along with a Stories Page. One of the major things that brought CPA Central to fame were its early tournaments, with things like the 2009 Christmas Tournament and the 3-hour long Decade’s End Tournament. One of the first major events to be covered by CPA Central was the retirement of Boomer20 from the ACP, in January of 2010. See below.

I’ve actually known about this for a while from a couple of my behind the scenes sources, but this issue was kept secret until recently. Boomer 20, who has been leading the ACP for quite a while now and has really been leading them through their Golden Ages for a while, recently announced that he will be retiring. This could mean a lot for the ACP, but most people think that it will make things worse for them.

A lot of people think that, along with a lot of the soldiers in the ACP only looking up to Boomer, there really aren’t any other competent leaders that are experienced enough to run the largest army in Club Penguin. A lot of people think that, no matter who Boomer chooses, the ACP will fall.

Dryvit would soon be named Boomer’s successor, in what would be one of the most controversial leaderships of ACP. Boomer20 was one of the
most famous individuals at the time, being named Person of the Year 2009. Runners-up included Person1233, who won Leader of the Year, as well as Woton and Iceyfeet1234.

CPA Central’s early graphics were put together by Pringle64, who was not only prominently involved with Woton over at the Roman Fire Warriors, but is commonly as the first great Graphics Designer of CP Armies. From Pringle’s Legends Entry, “Pringle64 was not only a major army leader, but is on this page for being the first major revolutionary in the army graphics field. Alongside Woton, Pringle used CPAC as a forum to reinvent graphics in armies as we know it, and without him graphics in armies would not be the same.”

As 2010 came, Woton had multiple periods where he would go missing, leaving multiple people to spend time serving as Temporary Head of Site. The first of which was Godplaya123, who served as Temporary Head following Woton’s dissapearance. Iasgae56 also assisted GP in keeping the site active. When Woton returned, it was not long before he retired — Godplaya would also retire from CPA Central, leaving Iasgae to assume Head of Site, and Sklooperis to serve as Secondary Head. This would bring a close to CPA Central’s first era — stay tuned for next month, where in countdown to CPA Central’s five-year anniversary, we will talk about the second era of this site. Oh and, for those who want to laugh, Bluesockwa2′s first post as a Reporter can be found here.

As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.